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Bright Ideas Level 3 Teacher's Pack

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Bright Ideas Level 3 Teacher's Pack

Niveau d'anglais minimum : A1

103,25 € TTC
Expédié sous 24h

Le contenu

  • Includes Teacher's Guide, Classroom Presentation Tool and Teacher's Resource Centre.
  • Teacher's Guide provides step-by-step guidance on all content in the Class Book, including an introductory description of methodology and concept behind the course.
  • Classroom Presentation Tool allows you to run smooth heads-up lessons by projecting the Class Book with embedded audio and video.
  • Classroom Presentation Tool can be used across all devices and is available online and offline.
  • Teacher's Resource Centre provides extra practice worksheets, Trinity GESE preparation material, exam-style tests, and answer keys.
  • Exam support is provided through supplementary materials that can be adapted for any teaching situation, class size or ability.

The flexible teaching package offers a range of tools and resources to ensure that you are able to create the perfect lesson for your students. The Classroom Presentation Tool with on-screen Class Book and Activity Book provides comprehensive content for teachers to adapt to any teaching situation, class size or ability.